Our History

Atelierele CFR Grivita SA is a company with a long history in passenger coach maintenance, repairs, modernization, refurbishment and rebuilding.  Also in the company are maintained and repaired a wide range of freight cars. The plant has been established in 1897 and was specialized in steam engines and passenger coach repairs. Over the years we have improved our technology and expertise, achieving a present top position among coach repair companies, covering home and international passenger coaches with special regime, sleeping coaches, restaurant coaches, saloon coaches, historic trains and administrative staff coaches.

Safety and comfort

In order to respond to the requests of our main beneficiaries, the last 4 years brought an increase in the action of rehabilitating the old passenger coaches and of bringing them up to modern requisites, both in terms of travel safety and comfort.

The coaches have been endowed with air conditioning, audio-video equipments, radio sound installations, ecologic sanitary installations, ergonomic furniture, automatic control devices with timing options, glass fiber polyester modules, electro-pneumatic brake system and inhibition system for the alarm signal etc.

Our specialists can provide the technical support, the production workshops have the necessary equipments to put into practice various solutions, whereas the organizational flexibility and existing endowments make us available for our clients’ multiple requests. We have the capability to refurbish the interiors, to mount equipments and installations of various degrees of complexity, to carry out rebuilding and modernization operations for a wide range of passenger coaches, built in our country or abroad, later or older generation, in small or large series.

For the repairs carried out in Atelierele CFR Grivita SA, we use latest generation equipments and subassemblies from well-known providers, such as: SMC, Festo, Vossloh, Dowalwerke, Semco, IFE, Escha, Turck, Faiveley, SACME, Kovis, Bonatrans, Taraflex, Altro etc.

InnoTrans 2024

Between 24 ÷ 27.09.2024 Atelierele CFR Grivita SA will participate as an exhibitor at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology InnoTrans 2024 Berlin. Our stand is located in Hall 6.2, stand no. 925. If you wish to access our entry on InnoTrans Plus site please click here.

List of special devices and test benches atested by AFER



Identification no.

1. Railway line with controlled flatness L1
2. Railway line with controlled flatness L2
3. Railway line with controlled flatness L24
4. Bench for testing the sound system for wagons G 149
5. Bench for testing bogie frame type GP200 G 386
6. Device for measuring quota 1426 030-05.2003
7. Device for measuring the wheel diameter 44-09-2003
8. Device for checking the radial clearance of radial bearings with cylindrical rollers 008 DC
9. Device for checking the axial clearance of radial bearings with cylindrical rollers 011.00 DC
10. Device for checking the dimensions of the wheel lip 119-92
11. Device for testing static imbalance of the mounted axle 279 DR
12. Device for testing air semi-coupling and frontal air faucets 280 DR
13. Device for testing asymmetry on the mounted axle 297.0 V
14. Bench for testing electromagnetic action cylinder on skate G 417
15. Wagon gauge check stand G 511
16. Bench for measuring the electrical resistance of wagons G 515
17. Tensometric installation type AET 10 with load transducers for determining loads on wheels 20500
18. Bench for measuring the chassis and the coach box 20505
19. Bench for measuring bogie type Y 25 frame 20653
20. Power supply stand for testing the electrical installation of passenger coaches, with four output voltages 20656
21. Bench for disassembling, assembling and testing bogie type GP200 30328
22. Bench for checking the dynamic imbalance of the mounted axle 30341
23. Press for testing crash devices 30354
24. Bench for testing electrical resistance of the wheel axle 30377
25. Bench for testing KE1c SL air dispersal devices 40366
26. Bench for testing rapid brake accelerator type EB3 and delayed fuel valve type RF 40371
27. Press for pressing wheels on axle with lift of the pressing diagram 40503
28. Bench for pull resistance testing of suspending bolts, forked bars, biforked bars, triangular axles 40625
29. Bench for checking bogie type Y 25 and bogie type H under test load 40754
30. Bench for final testing of the brake devices 40807
31. Bench for mounting and testing Minden Deutz bogies 40808
32. Bench for testing pressure Dü 21/2.2 relay 40844
33. Bench for measuring bogie type MD frame 40863
34. Bench for mounting and testing Minden Deutz bogies 40892
35. Bench for final testing of the brake devices 40944
36. Bench for testing the safety valve type M 41075
37. Bench for testing hydraulic and friction dampers 41088
38. Bench for testing anti-skid regulators type M2, M3 and MWX2. 41089
39. Bench for running-in the anti-skid regulators 41115
40. Bench for testing acceleration vent type MWB 41243
41. Bench for final testing of the brake devices 41285
42. Bench for rain resistance test 41336
43. Bench for hydraulic testing of the air semi coupling 41349
44. Bench for testing vents type DMV 9  /T1 41358
45. Bench for testing unloading vent type M and MA 41365
46. Bench for testing brake cylinder with integrated drive regulator type CK10 and PB10 41368
47. Bench for measuring the chassis and the coach box 41379
48. Bench for testing vent KZM 41412
49. Bench for measuring the chassis and the coach box 41501
50. Bench for testing coach electrical devices 41827
51. Bench for testing the centrifugal pressure regulator tip AR11 41864
52. Bench for testing the optical sign AZ 6 and the pressure reduction valve R38 41889
53. Press for testing the springs on the primary and secondary bogie suspensions 50204
54. Bench for testing integrated drive regulator type DRV and DA2 50644
55. Bench for testing coupling devices 50647



– Technical revision and modernization of 19 ICK (Bm235) B and BD type coaches between 2016-2017.


SNTFC CFR Calatori SA:

– General Repairs: 220 coaches between 2006 – 2017;

– Periodical Repairs: 1462 coaches between 2006 – 2017;

– Intermediate Technical Revisions and General Technical Revisions: 1311 coaches between 2006 – 2017.


Locomore GmbH & Co. KG

– Technical revision and modernization of 8 ICK (Bm235) between 2016-2017.



– Technical revision of 9 coaches in 2016.



– adjustment of 15 coaches for 85-30 series (RO-LA couchette train attendant) between 2004-2017;

– Periodical Repairs: 839 freight cars between 2011-2017;

– Thermal protection of 83 freight cars between 2014-2015.


DB Cargo Romania:

– Periodical Repairs: 444 freight cars between 2013-2017.



– Periodical Repairs: 96 freight cars between 2015-2017.


Unicom Tranzit SA

– Periodical Repairs: 7 freight cars in 2014.


Gevaro SA

– General Repairs: 1 coach in 2012;

– Periodical Repairs: 53 coaches in 2012;

– Intermediate Technical Revisions and General Technical Revisions: 54 coaches between 2012.


CFD – Constructions Ferroviaires de Bagneres – France:

– execution of 20 complete toilet modules made of PAFS, between 01.04.2006 – 30.04.2007.



– Periodical Repairs: 60 coaches between 1999 – 2004.