Passenger coaches maintenance

The maintenance of the coaches consists in determining the degree of wear, corroding or mechanical damage of the coach itself as well as the parts that form the coach. Thus, this analysis is done by lifting the coach and dismembers the elements that need repair activities or replacement with new parts.

Analysis is done with proper measure and checking equipment on the test bench, or if it suffices, only visually. The work done during the maintenance includes mechanical operations, welding, replacement or parts restore (generally, the inside fittings remain unmodified, mounted in the frame and it is verified only the good function of the cinematic elements).

Where it is necessary, the anti-corrosiveness system is restored by cleaning, primer painting, puttying and painting. It is verified the good function of the traffic safety systems (breaks, electrical installation, coupling and traction equipments), these functional inspections are done by registering the parameters of the equipments and parts separated from the couch.