Revision and modernization of Bmz1, Bmz2 and Bmz3 coaches

Length over the buffers:  26.400 mm;

Gauge: 1.435 mm;

Height from top to rail level: 4.050 mm;

Circulation speed: 200 km/h;

Bogie type: Minden Deutz;

Brake type: KE-GPR-Mg(D) ep, Nbű;

Weight empty: 42,9 t;

Multi-voltage power supply SSVC 43 type:

  • Input voltage: 1.000 V/16 2/3 Hz; 1.500 V/50 Hz; 1.500 Vdc; 3.000 Vdc;
  • Output voltage: 3×400 V/50 Hz; 230 V/50 Hz; 24 Vdc;

Doors actuation installation: elctro-pneumatic with centralized control trough a RIC key;

Sanitary installation:

  • 2 WC cabins provided with vacuuming units for Bmz1 and Bmz3;
  • 1 PRM cabin provided with vacuuming unit for Bmz2;

Number of seats:

  • 42 seats in 7 compartments, 36 seats in the saloon and 3 folding seats on the corridor for Bmz1;
  • 18 seats in 3 compartments, 10 seats in the kids saloon, 5 seats in the PRM area, 1 compartment for the attendant, multi functional area with 10 folding seats and catering kitchen for Bmz2;
  • 72 seats in 12 compartments and 3 folding seats on the corridor for Bmz3;