Couchette coach reconstruction 44.31 series

Length over the buffers: 24 500 mm;

Gauge: 1435 mm;

Bogies type: Gorlitz Vm;

Circulation speed: 140 km/h;

Brake type: KE-GPR;

Power supply: static mono-voltage power supply, according to UIC 550:

  • Input Voltage: 1500 V/50 Hz;
  • Output Voltage: 1500 V/50 Hz; 400V/50 Hz; 230V/50 Hz and 24 Vcc;

Air conditioning (ventilation, heating, cooling) – complex, totally automatic, one channel type, with ecological Freon type R134a, according to UIC 553;

Emerging smoke detection equipment;

Surveillance video systems CCTV type;

Access doors: pivoting with electro-pneumatic closing, opening and blocking for speed more than 5 Km/h;

Sanitary installations: 2 toilette cabins provided with vacuuming units and sewage tanks;

Passenger Information: displays located outside and inside the wagons to indicate the route via GPS system.