Restaurant coach refurbishment – 88.96 type

Length over the buffers 27.500 mm;

Gauge 1435 mm;

Bogies type Minden -Deutz

Circulation speed 160 km/h;

Brake type: KEG-PR D Mg with anti skidding 134 A microprocessor;

Access doors: sliding-flap with electro-pneumatic closing, opening and blocking for speed more than 5 Km/h;

Energy generate by a static source 1500 Vca şi 50 Hz;

Air conditioning (ventilation, heating, cooling) – complex, totally automatic, with ecological Freon type R134a, according to UIC 553;

Electro pneumatic brake and inhibiting system of alarm signal;

Bar sector with tables and upholster couches (20 seats);

Restaurant sector with tables, couches and upholster seats (24 seats);

Restaurant sector with tables, couches and upholster seats;

Local lighting with side-lamps and general lighting with fluorescent lamps and halogen spots;

Audio video system, amplifier station, DVD player;

Access passage from both sides of the coach;

Access passage to bar and restaurant sectors;

Access doors for loading products;

Bar and restaurant typical places of prepare: 2 sets;

Refrigerators and 222O l refrigerated case;

Prepare cooker with vacuum filters;

180 l refrigerated display case;

Local ventilators for kitchen noxa agents;

Stainless sinks with cold/warm water tanks;

Sterilization residue water installation with storage tanks;